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The Royal Bank of Scotland Hosts ‘Determined to Succeed’

The Royal Bank of Scotland Hosts ‘Determined to Succeed’

Mocaro presents its collection at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Which hosted there Multicultural Network annual event, ‘Determined to Succeed.’

The event featured key speakers including Shamial Afzal, RMN Chair; Majorie Strachan, Head of Inclusion at RBS; Simon McNamara, CAO at RBS; Lambratu Tejan, Finance Director of The View at The Shard; Tunji Aakintok, Director at Cisco; and Rashada Harry from Vodafone Global Enterprise.

Each spoke about the persistence and determination necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve success in their careers. Following difficult paths, several speakers mentioned leadership as a core value.

Rashada Harry determined that those who hold true to their values demonstrate leadership, as well as those who lend helping hands to others. Tunji Aakintok believed that communication and caring for the welfare of others makes a true leader. Aakintok was also one of seven selected to go to the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Each speaker demonstrated that any goal can be achieved through the unwillingness to give up and the innovation required to beat impossible odds.